Our Mission (Forum Rules - MUST READ BEFORE POSTING).

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Our Mission (Forum Rules - MUST READ BEFORE POSTING).

Postby Sun Zulu » Sat Oct 01, 2016 12:14 pm

Welcome to True & Livin' Development! Our mission is to provide a discussion group for young professionals to strengthen their writing skills outside of traditional methods. This board strives to be a safe space for the development of creative literary work within various fields, (such as novel writing, song writing, script writing, etc.) , and the development + maintenance of a support network. These tools are utilized to aide in the successful self-publishing of a completed project. As such, we have ten (10) guidelines that should be followed at all times while on this board:

    1. This board is intended for creative literary discussion only.
    2. Absolutely no profanity or obscene, vulgar, violent or threatening language, photos or videos.
    3. Zero tolerance for personal attacks on anyone, including moderators; Cyber-bullying will not be tolerated.
    4. Post politely; please keep all CAPS use sparingly.
    5. Post commentary in the appropriate forum.
    6. The selling of tickets, merchandise, memorabilia or anything else must be approved by board administrator Sun Zulu. Spamming, advertising and/or campaigning are prohibited.
    7. Select an appropriate username. (See #2)
    8. Do not respond to abusive speech with abusive speech. (See #3)
    9. Each member is allowed one registered account.
    10. Avatars should be no larger than 90x90px and 6.144 KB. Signatures should be no larger than 550x200px and 200KB.

As a member of these forums, you agree to follow these rules. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for breaking them. If you break a rule, you may only receive a warning from a moderator. If you repeatedly break rules, however, your account may be temporarily suspended or permanently closed at the sole discretion of Sun Zulu, after consultation with all moderators. If you want to discuss a warning, send a private message to a moderator; do not discuss it in a public forum.

Help improve our community! Instead of responding to a member who has broken a rule, please report inappropriate posts or personal attacks by clicking on the "Report Post to Moderator" link at the bottom of the post (next to the MultiQuote and Quote buttons). Please recognize the difference though between attacking one's opinion and attacking another member personally.

Cyberbullying Policy:

In an ongoing effort to keep these forums a fun, intelligent, engaging and healthy environment for our discussions, we have a cyber-bullying policy.

Cyber-bullying is defined as an abuse of electronic communications that deliberately support the intention to harm individuals through repeated, persistent attempts to intimidate, harass, embarrass, denigrate, impersonate, or exclude individuals from online participation.

Cyberbullies may work alone or solicit involvement from other people online in their effort to harm an individual, which is considered "digital pile-on."

The most common tactics used in cyber-bullying include, but are not limited to, posting online falsehoods or rumors; making the victim the subject of ridicule within an online forum individually or through "digital pile-on"; continuing to harass an individual that has indicated they want no further contact with the communicating sender; or the intentional exclusion of a victim from online participation through malicious intentions.

With the addition of this new policy, it is our hope to provide a safer, more enjoyable environment for engaging discussions without fear of exploitation brought about by persistent, unwelcome behaviors.

Thank you for refraining from such behavior on our boards. Please report any behavior that falls under this category to Sun Zulu or another moderator.

-Sun Zulu

[These rules were inspired by the successful model in use at this forum]

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